Custom Firearms and FFL Transfers by Freedom Tac LLC in Tucson, Arizona

I’m an Active Duty Munition Systems Technician in the USAF with over nine years enlisted. I am located in Sahuarita, AZ, just south of Tucson. I’ve done extensive work on a wide variety of firearms and specialize in stippling, coatings, and polishing. I do all of my work, in my own shop, by hand. I do one job at a time and devote my full attention to produce a product you are satisfied with.  I also work together with an outstanding machinist to put out an outstanding machined Glock slide package.

Current lead times:

Stippling : ~1-2 weeks

Coatings only : ~2 weeks

Machine work:  ~5-6 weeks

*Note – This is an estimated lead time based on the flow of work I currently have.  Lead times are subject to change at any moment.  It may take longer, it may be sooner than expected.  I try to get each firearm back to you in a reasonable and timely manner.  If the lead times change, I will update them accordingly.

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